Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century

I found the excerpt on the Quest 2 Learn school very interesting. When they first started explaining the school I thought it was just some New-Age feel-goodery schools (Arrested Development reference, anyone?) But after they mentioned that the school follows the New York public school requirements I became curious to see just how affective this school really is.

After a little research I found a study published out of Florida State University (with assistance from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation so maybe a bit biased towards technology) found that students at Q2L show substantial systems thinking skills increases as well as modest time management and teamwork skills increases.


100 Awesome Links to Hundreds of Awesome Ideas

This blog has managed to compile a list of 100 smaller blogs created by teachers. Each of these blogs is full of great ideas to use in the classroom. Among the things I found are project ideas for all grade levels and subjects, homework ideas, and other creative things to do in the classroom. You could spend hours going through all of the blogs and ideas. I’ve spent some time looking through them and these are a few gems I’ve found.

Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog- A recent entry showed how she helps her 2nd graders with multiplication. She has students take pictures of arrays in everyday life and annotate them with a picture editing program to show how rows x columns = product.

Mr. C’s Class Blog- A link to an online puzzle game called Samorost 1 is posted. The assignment for the students is to play the game and then write the story of the character.

Miss Tyler-Smith’s Grade Five Blog- Though the most recent post is a couple years old, her blog still shows a wide variety of history, art, and science projects done by her students.

These are just a few good ones that I found but all of them have some excellent tools for teaching.