A Brief History of the Universe

David Christian does a fantastic Ted Talk giving a short synopsis of the history of everything. He goes from talking about the big bang all the way through human knowledge.

The first half of his presentation is fascinating. It reminds me a lot of a book I’ve recently started reading. Laurence Krauss’¬†A Universe from Nothing describes a lot of the phenomena that David Christian talks about in his Ted Talk.


Flipped Classrooms

Pros and Cons

The flipped classroom seems like a pretty good idea. If a kid had the choice of a homework assignment, I think 99% of them would choose to watch a video over doing standard homework. It also gives the teacher the opportunity to watch the students practice.

The linked article mentions a potential con thats rather unfortunate. If the idea of a flipped classroom becomes too popular, the idea could backfire. If every teacher were to run the classroom this way, students would go home and spend hours in front of a computer screen. That is something that parents likely wouldn’t be too happy with.