Finally some recognition for audiobooks!

I found a very interesting list of teacher submitted ways to use audiobooks in the classroom.


I’ve been using audiobooks for years to do a lot of my reading. Some people may think that using audiobooks is a cop out but I think that they can effectively be used as a supplement to physical books. Since a lot of audiobooks are either read by the author or use some input from the author, the authors tone can come out much better than it could with a physical book.


They don’t even need a teacher anymore!

The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching

It’s a really interesting idea to allow the students to guide their own learning. It’s a sure fire way to keep the kids interested in their learning. The major downside is that if the state, county, or school requires a specific curriculum, there’s no guarantee that the students will learn what is required.

The author also confirms what we assumed about Google Docs. It’s a fantastic tool to use for a group of students once you get past the first day of fooling around with it.

Overall this seems like a great idea. Though it does have the potential to flop